Social Values

Social Values look beyond specific business operations to the collective benefit to a community and the wider world. It includes such things as happiness, well-being, inclusion, equality, employment, social development, local employment, ethical purchasing, low energy use, low waste, emissions and the environment. During the global pandemic, Imaginators began a journey to develop a meaningful Social Value Policy and we intend to include fair treatment, integrating differences, decision-making, psychological safety, trust, belonging and diversity into our policy.

Social Value is the collaboration of an organisation with society to improve the community, economy and environment around them and for those within it.

It embraces both CSR and ESG but works in a way which embeds community needs at the heart of our activities.


Social Value demonstrates positive impacts within our business and across supply chains. In this way, we can shine a light on what Imaginators does for more
meaningful visibility.

We don’t believe it is acceptable to just think about our bottom line. Social Value allows us to think about our activities, and how together, we can create positive benefits for stakeholders, employees, clients and society.

A good social identity is one that is authentic, empowering, and inclusive. It reflects the values, beliefs, and interests of individuals and allows them to feel a sense of belonging to our business and communities we are a part of.

It’s not rocket science. Whether we employ local people, support our local communities to protect the environment, Social Values are about doing the right thing and doing good business.