Imaginators Installs Bespoke Optimus Dash MIS/ERP

Imaginators have installed a bespoke Management Information System (MIS) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) from Optimus who have continued to develop and enhance the award-winning Optimus Dash MIS with the launch of Optimus Dash specifically for the large format and signage industry.

The bespoke Optimus Dash system used by Imaginators allows our team to take enquiries and easily create quotations regardless of complexity, through its highly configurable question-driven front end. Optimus Dash provides the ability to create quotes in minutes irrespective of print process or substrate.

Estimates are then easily converted into fully specified production job tickets with all materials required, estimated costs and final invoice values automatically created, without the need to duplicate or re-key information.

With Optimus Dash, further functionality has been incorporated so that products can be quickly identified and incorporated into the quoting function. A series of look up tables are provided for speed and ease of use.

Within the highly configurable Optimus Dash system, when preparing the enquiry (estimate), Imaginators worked closely with the development team at Optimus over many years to collaborate and build an extensive range of ‘templates’ which are used to construct an enquiry into an estimate, guiding our team through building the estimate with specific questions relevant to our client’s requirements.

Imaginators Director, Matt Tydeman explained ‘As our business was growing, we struggled to keep on top of all areas Optimus Dash now manages for us including enquiries, estimates, job tickets, stock control, workload, delivery notes and invoicing. We wanted to eliminate the need for human error and work dockets following a job around the building and at the same time provide analytical insight into what was actually happening in the business, including managing stock, bottlenecks and costs with detailed reporting.

Tydeman continued ‘I am delighted to have finally adopted the Optimus Dash system following many months of development into a soft start. Due to the very nature of our business much of what we do is a one-off which brings challenges to an MIS as everything do is almost unique and we needed a solution which could manage a project from start to finish which consisted of a wide variety of methods of production including our diverse large, wide and superwide output devices, methods of technical finishing and include creative services, project management and installation by our in-house teams’.

Optimus Dash brings the flexibility for all members of the team to have visibility from anywhere, including from an event or festival field or when working from home and abroad with the security of a secure VPN connection back to our servers. Our Optimus Dash solution also gives us the flexibility of running a Windows platform upon a Parallels installation on MacOS with a planned second phase of using tablets through the building with our aim of becoming paperless and give our clients a fast, error free and transparent experience.

This significant long term investment builds on the plans we have across Imaginators to drive efficiencies that bring a real advantage to our team and our clients who have already seen immediate benefits as we future proof our business in a variety of ways.