Heras Fence Covers

Printed heras fence covers – we’ve got them branded.


Essential for any event, heras fencing, pedestrian barriers and crowd control barriers offer prime branding opportunities for advertising and sponsorship. Imaginators offer a variety of solutions and print options across a wide range of materials to provide printed heras fence covers.


Heras fence covers and fence scrim are often used to provide segregation, protection and perimeter walls and provide brand consistency and cohesion to your event space. Branded heras fence covers are also used to obscure unsightly areas surrounding your event such as backstage or unsightly areas around a construction or build site.


Branded heras fence covers, branded pedestrian covers, branded crowd control barrier covers and branded temporary fencing covers are used for outdoor events, sports events and the construction industry. Imaginators offer a wide range of options for heras fence covers to suit all markets.


Printed heras fence covers, heras fence scrim, heras fence jackets, fence scrim, scrim banners and HDPE heras fence tarpaulins are available printed to fire retardant, eco-friendly lightweight premium polyester Airmesh fabric for short term applications or a durable Mesh PVC using exterior grade outdoor UV inks when a durable long lasting solution is required. Heras fence covers can be manufactured as individual panels or supplied as a continuous roll.


Bespoke sizes can easily be accommodated from our library of formats and options or custom made to your specifications including any specific methods of finishing.


Imaginators also provide a range of plain heras fence covers, unprinted fence scrim should you require it without branding available in a variety of base colours.


If required, Imaginators in-house installation team can also install your heras fence covers or fence scrim on-site and offer a derig and storage option too.

Whether you are looking for just one heras fence cover or a thousand printed covers, we are always happy to help.

Heras Fence Branding
Heras Fence Branding