Sustainability is increasingly critical to the future of digital printing. We’ve always tried to run the best possible practice, with the view that it will prove mutually beneficial for our staff, our clients and our community.

Recognising our commitments in this area, we have been awarded BS ISO 9001 to improve our environmental impact and are currently seeking BS ISO 14001 and BS ISO 8901 accreditation to enforce our commitment to producing high quality work with a duty of care to our environment.

Imaginators know the best way for us to reduce our impact on the environment is to improve our products, our technology and our systems. We’ve updated nearly all our digital equipment in recent years, ensuring the use of more environmentally friendly ink systems and processes.

Many of our production processes now use friendlier inks such as UV and water based inks, which are certified to the Nordic Swan Environmental Standard.

We are constantly exploring new material options with our suppliers and partners. We carefully control our waste streams, avoiding unnecessary wastage and recycling as much material as possible.

Imaginators are committed to reducing waste across all our business operations and supply chain and have identified which waste streams can be responsibly disposed, recycled or re-purposed as appropriate.
We’ve also significantly reduced our carbon footprint by introducing energy-efficient technology and by improving our air conditioning, heating and insulation systems within our offices.

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