Imaginators Cookie Policy

About Cookies and their use across Imaginators website.

In accordance with the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR) and E-Privacy Directive (July 2002), we invite you to consent to the way we use cookies.


Tell me about cookies?

A cookie is a small file, typically of letters and numbers, stored by the internet browser you choose to use to view the Imaginators website. The files we apply are completely harmless and do not store any personal data about you.


Cookies are useful to us, they help us provide you with the required experience on the Imaginators website and allow us to improve our service and make the Imaginators website more efficient too.


Changing cookies relating to Imaginators

We use cookies to run key processes including user account authentication, monitoring website performance, and to make our website easier to use. If you choose not to allow the cookies listed below, you won’t be able to use certain parts of the Imaginators website.

If you are uncertain and would like to remove cookies set by the Imaginators website, you can do this by amending your browser settings – Here is some help with that.


If you delete all your cookies through your browser, you’ll have to update the Imaginators website cookie settings again when you return. You’ll also need to do this if you use a different computer or smartphone, computer profile or browser to the one you commonly use.