Imaginators Install Industrial Sewing System





Imaginators strive to provide the most innovative and convenient methods of finishing for our giant printed soft signage graphics. In order to increase productivity and make finishing, including silicone edged graphics easier, Imaginators have install an automated industrial sewing system.

The industrial sewing system is an automated conveyor belt driven solution for the production of Silicone Edges Graphics (SEG), soft signage, exhibition graphics, event graphics, flags, displays and banners and provides the highest quality finish and most flexible solution for sewing textiles. Built up with various application specific options and tool attachments it makes for a perfect finish to our soft signage and printed graphics.

The system is easy and fast and shall reduce production time and increase our output whilst retaining the finishing as an in-house process which is unique to Imaginators. This industrial sewing system achieves the highest quality flat seams, SEG (keder, spline, gasket), pockets, double-hems and velcro hook and loop fasteners.